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Romance is in the Air.

Hello everyone,

We are now into the New Year having celebrated over the Christmas period, so are you ready for another party event?

Bridget has booked 24 places at Gustoso's for the evening of Sunday February 14th 2016.

The cost of the buffet meal is €15.

So all you Romantics out there, let me know whether you are interested in joining a merry throng celebrating Romance?


Please Contact, me, Bridget on 99251868 or 26100206 or email Bims.hayman@gmail.com.

I require all replies please, by contacting me, by the 1st of February.

Christmas Dinner 2013.


Members and friends of Emba Badminton Club enjoyed the evening whilst attending the Kamares Club for our Christmas Dinner Dance.

Over forty members, partners and friends all reported having a thoroughly pleasant evening.

The evening was made more enjoyable by having a member of the club provide the entertainment.

One of the highlights if not the highlight of the evening was the performance by our own Andy Foster. Andy entertained us with his singing, guitar and saxophone, performing all our favorite songs.

Andy is an ex bandsman with the Grenadier Guards and has played countless times at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The Committee hopes all attendees enjoyed the evening.




The venue was The Mandria Fish & Chip Restaurant, which is situated in the main square Mandria.

The club social evening at Mandria was a great success. Around thirty members turn up and enjoyed a relaxing evening, good food and fine wine. The evening was organised, for members and friends, by Graham and Linda. All the members and guests appreciated the evening and are looking forward to Graham and Linda's next bash.

Regards Don


17:00 hr onTuesday July 9th 2013.


Dear members,

Every emergency demands urgent action.

         Sometimes the urgency is so pressing that seconds can mean the difference between minor and major injury or even life or death.


Administering First Aid is not rocket science.

You do not need to be a brain Surgeon to administer First Aid just a willing person.

How often do you hear people say “I wouldn’t know what to do”. “I might cause more damage by helping”.

Doing something is better than doing nothing.


Ask your self one question. What do I do in an emergency?


Well what do we do in an emergency?

One of our members, Simon Longley has kindly offered to show us what actions to take if a situation occurs in our hall or anywhere else.


The First Aid Seminar is open to all members’ and friends, everyone is welcome.


If you have any questions or suggestions what you would like to be covered in the seminar please email via the contacts page by clicking here.

Coaching Sessions

Following the Successful coaching sessions John Dyte can be seen offering his thanks to all attendees.


The coaching was well received by all.


Everyone increased their knowledge of the sport and increased their skills at badminton.


The President of the club thanked John for supporting the club and offering to run the sessions.


I am sure one of the photos indicates John saying a prayer or two

As a rehearsal for our Open Club Championship, which will take place later this year, we held a Friendly Club Competition on,


Tuesday 12th march ( 14.30 - 17.30 ).


Experienced & Improvers.


The afternoon, which was a great success, was arranged by the club Committee and the Competition Secretary, Don Griffin.


The result of the Improvers Competition is as follows.


2nd place. Samantha Kruse.


1st place and Winner. Mario Pinggera.


The result of the Experienced Competition is as follows.


2nd place. Christian Lasch.


1st Place and winner. Craig Tweedy.


Congratulations to everyone who took part.


Our Club President, can been viewed below, presenting the runners up and winners with their prizes.



Please feel free to contact the Committee with your suggestions or comments. When we hold or next competitions it is hope the more members will assist, especially the administration on the day. Dons pen ran dry twice to say nothing of his tongue.



Kind regards from your new Competition Secretary



Experienced Winner     Craig Tweedy

Experienced Runner up.    Christian Lasch.

Improvers Winner.    Mario Pinggera

Improvers Runner up.    Samantha Kruse

President Gerry Griffin thanks Don for arranging the afternoons activity.

The annual Valentines Dinner 2013 was held this year in Paphos at the Gustoso Restaurant.

The evening was well attended by the members and their guests.

Thanks go to Graham and Linda for organizing the wonderful evening.

I have included a number of photographs taken on the evening which can be viewed via the gallery page.



The President signed the latest contract. 

The contract with the school, through the federation, and with the help of Bob, was signed by our President, Gerry.


We are continuing to develop our relationship with the federation. 

Virginia & Don are currently on an umpires course ( not a vampires course as Alla suggested ) so anything you need to know about serving, scoring, tricky decisions, just ask John Dyte, ha ha.


Hope to see you all as soon as possible.


Your Committee.

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