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Updated 3rd Oct 2019.

The Badminton Federation of Cyprus held the 2017 regional competition in Paphos on the 22nd of April.

Emba Badminton Club was the venue.

It could not have been the success it was without the attendance of Badminton Clubs from Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta.

The competition was singles only, Children and Adults.


EBC was very active not only in providing assistance with the organising but also had a number of both full and junior members taking part in the competition.


The effort of all the participants was rewarded with brilliant results, for EBC members. Please see below.


EBC came away with 8 medals. Congratulations to all players that took part, making the competition the success it was!


Junior Members.


Joanna Georgiou.         Gold medal in U/11 & Silver medal in U/15. 

Max Law.                     Silver medal.

Andreas Georgiou.       Bronze medal.

Li Yuming.                    Bronze medal.

Cao Kaiming                 Bronze medal.


Senior Members.


Mary Zhang.                 Bronze medal.

Alexander Mandryk.     Bronze Medal.


Photos taken during the competition. More pictures can be viewed on the coaching and juniors page.

Under 11 Masters Series, Nicosia 2017.

Our Jnr Members took part in the U 11 Masters Series Comp. 

Cao Kaiming 6 yrs, Li Yuming 8 yrs, Max Law 9 yrs and Joanna Georgiou 10 yrs represented EBC.

Joanna Georgiou put in a superb performance, reached the semi finals and eventually winning 3rd place and the Bronze medal.

The coaches from the other clubs in Nicosia also made a comment of how impressed they were with the, effort skill and behaviour of our Junior Members.

With some 30 competitors in the boys singles, our guys did really well. Li Yuming reached the last 16, Max Law & Cao Kaiming reached the last 8, with Max missing out on a semi final spot by the odd point. well done!!!

Junior International Tournament 2017.

Club volunteers travelled to Nicosia to officiate at the tournament. If you're interested in joining the group, please contact Don. The Federation appreciate all the assistance we offer. 

Junior International Tournament 2016.

Club volunteers travelled to Nicosia to officiate at the tournament.

In April this year Emba Badminton Club said goodbye to Carol Lewis, who

is returning to the UK to be able to spend more time with her family.

         When Carol made that first nervous step into the hall to join EBC who would have guessed what a valued member and improving player she would become.

Carol has been a great asset to our club, always so helpful, making everyone welcome and always one of the first to volunteer when needed.

The Children’s coaching sessions will never be the same again.


The Chairman, Committee and all friends at EBC wish Carol and her family all the future happiness

Carol is always welcome to visit EBC whenever she is in Cyprus.

Chairman of  Cyprus Badmnton Federation                                                            Mr. Efimios Polydorou, visits EBC.


On Wednesday the 9th of March EBC was pleased to receive the Chairman of The Cyprus Badminton Federation, Mr. Efimios. Polydorou.

Mr. K. Martijn van Dooremalen accompanied Mr. Efimios Polydorou.


Mr. K. Martijn van Dooremalen, now regarded to be an expert in the development of badminton, was also the national coach of the Dutch team for 15 years, he also won fifty-four medals at world and European level.


Mr. Efimios Polydorou and Mr. K.Martijn van Dooremalen both commented on the dedication of our club and our coaches.


Mr. K .Martijn van Dooremalen told us he was extremely impressed with our organization and commitment regarding coaching these youngsters. He regarded the backing of the parents, which we have in abundance, an essential part in the development of these children.

He was pleased with the way we introduced a skill for the children to work on and they just got on with it.

He gave us some good advice regarding breakdown of shots but overall he was very happy with our running of the children’s group and the behavior of our youngsters.

This visit has been a great boost for our club and our coaches because the comments made.

We are so lucky to have so many coaches with passion and love of the sport.

Coaches involved at the time are:- Virginia, Maria, Connie, Shirley, Yarna,  Wei, & Don.


Mr. Efimios. Polydorou. Thanked the club for allowing the visit and was very happy to see the clubs continuing commitment to Badminton in Cyprus





 Tuesday 26th April 2016.




The winner of the John Dyte Trophy for 2016 is Jackie Bartholomew.


Lower hall,

1st.  Jackie Bartholomew

2nd. Michallis Zisimos

3rd. Gerry Griffin


Upper hall,

1st. Panneiotos Nikolaou

2nd. Ray Mosgrove

3rd. John Wiseman


Photos and rules of play are below.


There will be 2 groups, upper hall and lower hall, so everyone can play within their comfort zone.

There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in both groups.


After everyone has played their first game the pegs will be returned to the 2 boxes and we will make a new draw, so hopefully during the day you will be playing with many different partners.

All points that you have gained during your games will be recorded, so winning is not so important, just try to gain every point you can.


The trophies will be awarded to the players with the highest points.


All players will play the same amount of games,

We will try to insure we have equal amounts of players in each group. 


The player with the highest points from either group will also be awarded the John Dyte memorial shield. 



TUESDAY  8th March 2016.


The results are detailed below. 


From a very busy afternoon of play we finally had two winners.


Twenty two members took part and this resulted in some really exciting matches.

The Final was played between Alla and Wie versus Maria and Jason.

Maria and Jason, after a hard fought match, are the victors.

The match was very close and the result after some good competition was 21-18.

I have included the photos of some of the members that took part.


If you wish your photo to be included in the next event then please contact Don on the day, before you start to play but after the draw for partners.


Well done! all who took part in the Comp.


2015 was truly a busy year for Emba Badminton Club.


EBC is continuing to attract new members both young and old. The Committee decided that, sadly, we could not accommodate any new senior members and we now have a waiting list for membership but guest are and have always been welcome.


2015 was a year of first for EBC in more ways than one.


The Club is an active member of the Cyprus Badminton Federation supporting the federation at a number of events by supplying officials during tournaments etc.


Congratulations go to the junior section of EBC.

Over the last 6 months, internally at our club, the u/9s have been have been playing a singles half court competition.


At the end of the season we are pleased to announce the following results.


1st    Joanna Georgiou 

2nd   Peyia Garbutt

3rd    Max Law

4th    Dion Fursman

5th    Leo  Fursman


The result of the under elevens full court competition is detailed below


1st   Andreas Georgiou

2nd  Cameron Garbutt


These two under eleven boys represented our club at the Cyprus junior international in November, this was their first ever competitive match against none club members let alone an international match. Andreas and Cameron both performed extremely well, EBC were very proud of them.


The success of every club is dependent on the membership and the Management Committee.

The Chairman and the Committee are very pleased with the number of members that volunteer at the club in all positions, Secretaries, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Line Judges and helpers in any capacity.


Below are a number of recent pictures of the juniors and senior members enjoying their activities. The Coaches and assistants can be seen receiving thanks from Don. I dont take the photos I only edit and add to website, we could run a comp called "Many faces of Don" I know my favorite, can you guess which one I mean.


Lets all look forward to another year of health and happiness in 2016.

Have you every wondered where the missing faces are?


Maxime Alexandre Barker, seen on the right, or Max to us at EBC has returning to Canada to continue his education.

Max has been a member at the club for a number of years and also assisted the clubs coaches with the training of the junior members.


Max will be attending Bishops University in Sherbrooke.

The city of Shebrooke is located in the province of Quebec, Canada.

After completing is studies of Sociology and Entrepreneurship Max hopes to become a successful businessman.


I’m sure Max will be able to continue playing badminton whilst studying, perhaps not the four or five times a week that he did in Cyprus.


Max is going to enjoy a slightly different life in Canada.


In Quebec the weather patterns are similar to Cyprus, albeit in a much more extreme way. Max advises the biggest differences between living in Cyprus and going there is the weather i.e, very hot and humid here in Cyprus while it is more mild in Canada and considerably cooler in the winter months.

The winters there are much more harsh (temps varying between 0 to -20 Celsius) during winter in Montreal city.


At university Max will be on campus with a fellow roommate who happens to be a Greek who comes from Canada!

Bishops University is small in comparison to others with only around 3500 undergraduates overall, because of this there is a real sense of community spirit (thankfully).


The culture and the environment are very different.

Cyprus is rich in ancient history whilst Quebec doesn't have it on the same scale considering it is very new (only dating back a few hundred years or so whilst Cyprus's history goes back many years).


Emba Badminton Club would like to thanks Max for his assistance whilst he has been playing at the club. We also wish him every success in the future.


Regards Don


欢迎来到帕福斯 安霸(Emba)羽毛球会的网页。安霸羽毛球会是帕福斯历史最悠久的羽毛球会,大约在20年前,由一些定居在帕福斯的英国人成立,他们都热爱这个运动,志愿参与和推广羽毛球运动。经过多年来的发展,安霸羽毛球会在10年以前,成功申请成为塞浦路斯体委羽毛球体委的附属会员,目前球会的运动场地由国家体委免费提供。为了配合国家体委发展运动的宗旨,球会于去年3月成立了儿童分会,培养小孩对羽毛球运动的兴趣。



Hi All,


Here are the results of our most recent competition.


Over twenty-eight entrants took part in the clubs annual event.

The result can only be advised after some very hard fought games with many going to the 20/21 score.

The Competition results are detailed below and congratulations to our winners and runners up.


                  Upper Hall.


                  1st.  Bill Kirkland.

                  2nd. Steve Lawrence

                  3rd.  Wei.


                  Lower Hall. 


                  1st. Aimee Doyle

                  2nd.  John Watts

                  3rd.  Peter Wilks


John Dyte Memorial Shield.


John Dyte was a excellent friend and member of the club and it members.


John represented E.B.C in many ways, one being Club Coach. It is thanks to John that the club is so successful and it is truly fitting that John is honored by E.B.C.


Winner J.D.M. Shield, Aimee Doyle


Many Thanks to all contestants for taking part and congratulations to the very worth winners.


Regards Don.

Fun Doubles Competition

Tuesday 14th October 2014 (2.30pm - 5.45pm)


The Club held the latest fun event on Tuesday the 14th October 2014. Visitors from Atromitos, Cosmopolis (Limassol) and Promitheas Badminton Clubs took part in the competition.


The hall was split into Upper and Lower, making the day enjoyable for all entrants. All games were played in a friendly, committed and competitive atmosphere. This resulted in some very hard-hitting matches with all members and guests experiencing an enjoyable day.


The results are: -


Lower Hall


1st      Carol Emba BC.

2nd     Ray    Emba BC.

3rd      Gary Emba BC.


Upper Hall


1st      Ovidijus      Atromitos BC.

2nd     Andy           Emba BC.

3rd      Craig          Emba BC.



Don Griffin.

Competition Secretary.


The Fun Competition held at the beginning of October results are in.


The winners, after some very competitive games, are Alla and Andy.( Grand prize of a bottle of wine each).

In second place were Gerry and Brian.

Many runners up took part in what was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Twenty-three members entered and for some this may have been their first taste of competitive badminton.


All reported that the day was great fun so if you are thinking of giving competitive badminton a go? Join in our next Comp being played on the 14th October.

Emba Badminton Club Comp April 2014.


The club competition, played earlier, in April, was very successful.

We had twenty-five entries on the day.

The comp was the first to be played since the laying of the new playing surface. The competition was organised, on the day, by Lisa and Don. John Dyte was the Referee for the day and monitored the shuttlecock quality.

With the competition being played in April the temperature in the hall was perfect. The temperature on the court was slightly higher with all competitors wanting to win.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed the day and the Committee would like to thank everyone for making the day a great success.


The results are below with some photographs of the event.

More photos are available in, Gallery.




Lower Hall.

First place goes to John Watts.

Second place goes to Ken Aldred.

Third place goes to Pauline Bates.


Upper Hall.

First place goes to Craig Tweedie.

Second place goes to Alla Hajiantoniou.

Third place goes to Andy Foster.

Outdoor Shoes


The committee would like to ask all members not to play in their outdoor shoes.

Please play in a pair of court shoes that are only used on the court.

Shoes that are worn outside can and will damage the playing surface.

Training shoes do not offer the required support or allow the needed flexibility that a court shoe does.

When entering the gym please do not walk on the playing surface, even to put out the nets/equipment, until you have changed your footwear!

EBC is working with the school to minimise the damage to the playing surface and your support is very much appreciated.


New Members.


EBC Committee has agreed that new members cannot be accepted at the moment, we will introduce a waiting list and accept new members when there is a vacancy.


Junior Sessions.


EBC Committee have decided to introduce a junior section on Saturday mornings, we know the federation would be happy if EBC could develop some young talent.

EBC has three qualified coaches in our club all ready to help out.

Initially we are looking for children aged 6yrs -- 10yrs.

The sessions will be free and all equipment supplied.


Members may not know that we have a Star Performer playing at the Club.

Not only does he play badminton but he also plays the saxaphone, Guitar and he also sings.

I am told that the performance on stage is much better than his badminton, I will let you all be the judge of that. I am talking about the one and only, "Andy Foster" seen below playing at the Get in Cafe in Mandria.

Sam Warburton and Ryan Lockley are the latest visitors to Emba Babminton Club.


Ryan and Samantha are visiting Cyprus as part of their engagement celebrations.

Being keen badminton players in the UK it was decided to play a few games whilst on holiday.

Samantha and Ryan have asked me to thank everyone at the club for making them feel so welcome.


EBC would like to congratulate Samantha and Ryan on the their recent engagement and hope to see them again in the future.


Please make our latest visitors welcome.


Emba Badminton Club Members would like to welcome to the Club, our Norwegian guests, Tore and Thomas Nyland.


They are visiting friends in Cyprus whilst on holiday from Norway and both enjoy playing Badminton.

It was during a previous visit to Cyprus that they discovered our club. They both enjoyed playing so much they have returned for their second visit.


Lets hope that they return home and spread the word of the Badminton being played in Cyprus.

Mixed Doubles Tournament Oct 2013    Report and Photo's.

The competition, on the 1st October, was a chance for all members of the club to take part in what for some was their first ever competitive badminton match. The feeling is that everyone in attendance had an enjoyable afternoon.


The idea, of the competition was to allow members, whatever their ability, to take part in a fun day but sometime, seriously test their individual skills. Playing the game of badminton outside of your comfort zone is one sure way to improve your game.

The mixing of the skill levels allowed everyone to be involved in the event and no one was excluded.


Throughout the afternoon it was clear, by the interest shown to the Scoreboard, that the members were keen to see who was progressing through to the next round.


The semi-finals were very closely fought with the winners of both the matches managing to win by a close margin.


The final was between Bridget Hayman, Craig Tweedy and Ted Watson, Lisalotte Hanson. 

It was closely contested with Ted & Lisa taking an early lead but Bridget and Craig fought back strongly in the second half of the match to become Champions of our 1st club tournament by a few points.


Thanks to all members who took part in the tournament and congratulations to the final winners,

Runners up Ted and Lisalotte.

Winners and Champions, Bridget and Craig. 

  1.  The best news is that, on Thursday at the Cyprus Badminton Federation AGM, Emba Badminton Club was affiliated to the federation, we are now official members. We have been working for this all year so a pat on the back for all those members who have made such an effort. 
  2. Ms Viginia Li & Mr Don Griffin have past the Badminton World Federation level 1 coaching award, and were given their certificates at the CBF AGM.
  3. The Club hosted a visit by two players from Norway, they had a great time and will be back in September, they are even considering joining the club. Guess what? They found the club on the www.
  4. The Club is experiencing great attendance by the membership and their friends. This is despite a large number of members flocking back to the UK for the sunshine.
  5. Let’s all welcome our latest visitor this week all the way from Denmark. Who is the visitor a guest of? See Don with your answer, you may win a prize if you can stop Don telling you about his new qualification.

Tournament. May the 17th. Results.




The entrants of the competition, on what turned out to be a hot day enjoyed an exciting tournament. The rising temperature outside, matched on the court during some demanding games.

Luckily for the contestants the Club provided light refreshments throughout the afternoon.

The tournament is the first at the Club following the improvements to the lighting, relining of the courts and repairs to the playing surface.

Some thirty members turned up to play or simply to encourage the contestants and enjoy the afternoon entertainment.


The results are details below along with photographs of the winners and runners up receiving congratulations and trophies from our Chairman Gerry Griffin.


Group A.

1st      Ovidijus.     A B C

2nd     Louis.          A B C

3rd      Virginia.      Emba Badminton Club.


Group B.

1st      Karen.         Emba Badminton Club.

2nd     Gerry.          Emba Badminton Club.

3rd        Pauline.       Emba Badminton Club.




Regards Don Griffin.

Recent Visitors to Emba Badminton Club.

Emba Badminton Club recently played host to Dennis Clearly and his playing partner Ron during their visit to Cyprus. Club Memebers, from left to right, John and Craig, with Dennis and Ron can be seen above.

They called at the club to meet and play with some of the members.

Dennis is a Badminton England qualified Coach.

He also coaches players from the age of 3-73 years, with abilities from beginners to international standard, primary, secondary and university students.

Dennis has playing experience at international events and was recently successful in reaching the quarterfinals of the European Doubles Championships.

Sports Hall. Improvements, see below

With the kind agreement of the school authorities Emba badminton Club have repaired the light in the sports hall.


We are lucky to have in the membership many skills.

Qualified Electricians being just one of the skills.


The Team, whilst small in numbers for safety reasons, worked over the weekend with fantastic results.

John and Graham are the two Electricians who supervised the work and carried out the repairs.

The work was hot, dirty and tiring so to ensure productivity was high, the working members received supplies of coffee, tea and sandwiches, thanks to Lisa and Virginia.


Whilst John and Graham worked aloft, with a support team at floor level, other members can be seen repairing the floor to ensure any lumps and bumps in the playing surface are fixed.


Where needed, the blinds have been repaired or changed out for new ones.


We now have a full cover of lighting, what can the players blame now I wonder?


The Comittee would like to thank all those that worked so hard to improve the facilities for Emba Badminton Club members, well done.


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