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The Junior Section of Emba Badminton Club is becoming very popular.

We now have eighteen members, all are keen to attend the Saturday morning sessions.

The Committee is extremely please with the successful introduction of the Junior section of the club.


The Juniors play on Saturday morning from 09:00 – 10:00.


The Seniors play now starts at 10:00 on Saturdays.


Please see below a number of Photos of the juniors enjoying the sessions.


The coaching will include all aspects of badminton including the erection of the nets, care of equipment, etiquette in sport but most of all, Having Fun.

If you do not play on Saturdays or if you haven't visited our website before you may be unaware we, Emba Badminton Club, have a thriving junior Section.

It is often stated in many sport clubs that the Junior Members are the future of the club. It is also true for EBC. The Junior Members are essential to the success of EBC.

The Cyprus Badminton Federation with the assistance of EBC club is making great efforts to encourage young talent. It is hope that Cyprus will have a stronger representation Internationally, including at the future Olympic games.

It is not easy to produce a player or players of world class however EBC is determined to assist the Cyprus Federation in their quest for success.

EBC is appreciative of all the assistance that it receives from The Cyprus Federation, Members and parents. One of the greatest assets of EBC is the help that our Members and parents of Junior Members afford the club.

         On Saturday 18th June our children were invited to a tournament at Promitheas Badminton Club. For most of our players this was their first competition, our opponent's having had experience of playing games in Nicosia.

         Even though our players are young compared to the opposition they all performed exceptionally well. This resulted in some hard fought games.

Congratulations go to all our players with our own Joanna Georgiou coming 1st and Max Law coming 4th in the whole tournament.


Thank you goes to all our coaches for their time and effort, Connie, Maria,  Virginia, Shirley, Yana, Dionne, Wei Hoa and Graham.


Regards, Don.

Training Courses 2015



Can all interested members please email Don with a request for a place.

Email Don please.


For those members not lucky enough to obtain a place on any course, Don may run the course again if mmbers are interested, preference may be given to members who have not attended a training course in the past.

Saturday morning session.

I have added a few photos of our junior members enjoying Saturday session.


Volenteers are most valued, it can be testing but it is very rewarding, not only to the juniors.


We welcome all family members to the club.

We may even see a crocheted shuttlecock from one of the mums one day.

Did you spot how and why?



Tuesday   14:00 - 17:45

 Friday     14:00 - 17:45

Wednesday Juniors Only

17:00 - 18:00


Juniors    09:00 - 10:00.

Seniors   10:00 - 12:00.

Want to become a member? Check availability, contact us below.

Call us on: 

+357 96537191

or contact us directly using our online contact form.

Emba badminton Club

Apostololos Andreas Gymnasium, Emba, Paphos, Cyprus

Updated 21st July 2016


Junior Section new photos


Results of the John Dyte Memorial Tournament.


New opening Times. Please  See Above.


VIP at Wednesday training


Where are they now?


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