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Badminton started in Emba in the early 1990's, and was played in an old redundant cinema. The building is now used as a storeroom and is next to waste ground opposite the village school in the main street.

It was a drab and dreary concrete room barely large enough for one court, with a concrete floor, low ceiling, and as you can imagine, very poor lighting, but it was home!

A felt-like playing surface was glued to the floor, but because of wear this was becoming a hazard to players.

Nearly all the Badminton in Cyprus is played in Nicosia, and 'on the grapevine' it was discovered that one of the Clubs was having a new floor laid. They therefore had a 'Badminton Mat' surplus to requirements which they passed to another Nicosia Club, and Emba, at the end of the 'food chain' received a rubber mat, which weighed a ton (literally), marked out for Badminton.

This was however a big improvement and enabled play to continue.

Badminton was played on five different days by six separate, autonomous groups.

Each group had as many as ten players and paid rent direct to the landlady.

All ages were catered for, although players were mainly retired British ex-pats.

By 2006 relations between the landlady and the various groups was becoming strained, until eventually we were told the hall would be 'closed for repairs'.

A search was started for alternative accommodation, and luckily after several months break this resulted in negotiations being opened with the Apostole Andreas Gymnasium of Emba, and through the miracles of the Internet contact was made with the Cyprus Badminton Federation in Nicosia for assistance. 

Their President, Mikis Hadjineophytou, was extremely helpful in moving the project forward. He told us that the Cypriot Government have a policy for school gymnasium to be used by other organisations outside school hours, and in Nicosia several affiliated Badminton clubs make use of this facility.

In October 2006 an inaugural meeting of the Emba Badminton Club was held in the school gymnasium, attended by around fifty players from the various groups which had used the cinema. All of the Group Leaders were invited to join the steering committee, two courts were marked out, and play began!

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Updated 26th Oct 2019


Tuesday   15:00 - 17:30

 Friday  14:00 - 18:00


Juniors    09:00 - 10:00.

Seniors   10:00 - 13:00.

please note that the above times may change at short notice

Emba badminton Club

Apostololos Andreas Gymnasium, Emba, Paphos, Cyprus

AGM 29th Oct 2019


All members are requested to attend at 16:00, in the Sports Hall. 


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