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Following the introduction of feather shuttles, the committee has asked me to circulate some guidelines about their proper treatment during play.

Most of this is common sense and there is no desire to cause offence to your intelligence or to cause embarrassment.Feather shuttlecocks are, by their nature, fragile and do not last forever, they deteriorate during play.  What we want to try to avoid is the breaking of the individual feathers early in the shuttlecocks’ life.  

This is caused in two ways 

 Miss-hits during a rally and  Misuse (or abuse) between rallies.  

Miss-hits happen from time to time and is an acceptable part of the game however, as your game improves fewer miss-hits will occur – hopefully.

Misuse (or abuse) is the area where we can all make improvements - Chief amongst these is the dreaded “half-volley”.  This is where the shuttle has beaten you to the floor but you hit it as it bounces.  Quite often the bounce causes the shuttle to change direction so that the feathers are towards the racket as it is hit.  Incidentally the “half-volley”, hit hard is a sign of the player’s frustration and is seen as bad manners.   When the shuttle lands on your side off the court and it is your responsibility to pass it to the next server – care should be taken. 

1. If you flick it up with your racket or throw it up intending to hit it with your racket quite often the shuttle will tumble.  If you do not allow the tumble to come out of it the feathers may be facing the racket when you hit it.

2. If the shuttle is lying on the floor and you intend passing it to your opponent along the floor, make sure the feathers are not facing the racket when you hit it. When the shuttle is passed to you to serve next, again take care.  Don’t grasp it out of the air - rather cushion it gently. Think of it as a fresh egg. When you play a delicate net shot and the shuttle falls to go over the net – don’t ht it again – what’s the point?  This is another sign of your frustration.

Basically it all boils down to – HIT THE POINTY END FIRST.

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Updated 26th Oct 2019


Tuesday   15:00 - 17:30

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Juniors    09:00 - 10:00.

Seniors   10:00 - 13:00.

please note that the above times may change at short notice

Emba badminton Club

Apostololos Andreas Gymnasium, Emba, Paphos, Cyprus

AGM 29th Oct 2019


All members are requested to attend at 16:00, in the Sports Hall. 


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